Saturday, May 28, 2011

So...A blog

Why a blog? I guess to hold me accountable and to share my journey maybe some fun along the way.  While I would think that I'll talk about alot of topics on here...I think I'm going to focus on some major themes for awhile...
  • Weight loss - I have about 70 lbs to misplace. If I can lose my keys on a nearly daily basis, I should be able to lose a few pounds each week. 
  • Home cleaning and organizations - Yikes, don't even ask. We'll start at the front door and move toward the back of the house.
  • Cooking - I'm not great at this, I'm okay at this. I want to be better at this, my family wishes I was better at this. I also want to build in some variety. We'll look at meal planning, dish prep, keeping it simple..
  • Family - I'll talk about Stink-eye and hubs.  We can laugh and cry together.  I probably need alot of advice. Love 'em both and they are a big part of my life, how can we not talk about them.  They can read the blog if they'd like. 
  • Gardens and plants - I am growing my first garden this year.  And I planted a few flowers.  I'm more excited by the function of the garden than the beauty of the flowers. That's probably my bigger focus on growing.
  • Canning, projects, trying new things - so I can alot in the summer and fall. We'll talk about it. I have a house that has no walls in it, we are working on that, but a few things have to be done first, like insulation and wiring - I hate all that, but get to we'll talk about bringing it back and then making it a home. And we'll try some new things that I haven't done really well yet.
  • Whatever else we think of.
BTW, I will take pictures...I'm not a photographer. I don't pretend to be one, and I don't play one anywhere.  But I think blogs are  more fun with pictures.  Maybe I'll learn some stuff about that and I'll get better, but for now, they are just pictures.